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In today’s world, if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen…

The Problem

All companies know they need to document a wide variety of issues that occur in the workplace – accidents, near misses, meetings, trainings, performance issues, disciplinary write-ups, coaching, feedback, conversations with outside vendors or customers, etc. – the list is nearly endless.  Despite knowing this, most companies do not document even a fraction of what they should.  This happens for a variety of reasons, but most of the time it is because documenting issues is time-consuming and inconvenient.

The Impact

There are a number of ways that a lack of documentation (whether complete or partial) can impact a company, including but not limited to:

OSHA Fines: OSHA fines currently range from $12,934 per violation to $129,336 for repeat or willful violations.

Lawsuits: Most companies are aware that anyone can file a lawsuit about anything these days. Companies are forced to defend themselves, regardless of whether the claims have merit or not.  The cost of defending a lawsuit often runs upwards of $50,000 – and that’s just the attorneys’ fees.  It does not take into account the time, money, and resources the company spends internally.

Contract Disputes: Contract disputes related to when a contractor should get paid, whether the work was completed on time and as promised, and work order changes often arise, particularly during construction projects.  The time and expense involved in resolving these disputes can be significant.

The Solution

Capture minimizes these impacts by providing a digital documentation app to help companies efficiently and effectively document all the things they need to, in order to increase compliance and minimize risk.  Capture is a one-stop shop for documentation – companies can document safety issues, performance issues, contract issues, virtually any type of issue that may arise – all from one convenient app.

Capture’s intuitive interface makes it quick, easy, and convenient for managers, supervisors, and employees to document things with the click of a few buttons.  Documentation can be done via text, audio recording, video recording, photograph, or speech-to-text.  All reports generated in the field are user- date- and time-stamped, which is beneficial for demonstrating that your documentation was created at the time of the incident.  The reports are also synced to a secure cloud-based server, allowing instantaneous access to those not in the field (i.e., headquarters, corporate, safety, etc.).

Capture also provides a robust back-end where administrators can run reports, collate data, and track trends in the workplace.  This allows companies to not only minimize risk by documenting particular incidents or events, but also by analyzing various trends and data to make workplace improvements.

Capture can be customized to suit any company’s particular needs. Check out OUR SOLUTION for more information or  CONTACT US today to learn what Capture can do for you!